December 6

8:45 Welcome address
9:00-10:00 Michael Fisher – Trustworthy Autonomy
10:00-10:15 Coffee break
10:15-12:05 Joint Session – Distributed decision making and auctions
• Bart de Keijzer and Dominik Wojtczak.  “Facility Reallocation on the Line”

• Benno Kuckuck and Jörg Rothe. “Monotonicity, Duplication Monotonicity, and Pareto Optimality in the Scoring-Based Allocation of Indivisible Goods social choice”

• Francesco Trovò, Stefano Paladino, Marcello Restelli and Nicola Gatti.  “Improving Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms”

• Rica Gonen and Ozi Egri.  “Two-sided Markets: Mapping Social Welfare to Gain from Trade”

• Alessandro Nuara, Francesco Trovò, Nicola Gatti and Marcello Restelli.  “Online Joint Bid/Budget Optimization of Pay-per-click Advertising Campaigns”

12:05-13:05 Lunch
13:05-14:55 Parallel sessions
Game theory – EUMAS – main room

• Kshitija Taywade, Judy Goldsmith and Brent Harrison.  “Decentralized Multiagent Approach for Hedonic Games”

• Jitka Homolová, Anastasija Černecka, Tatiana V. Guy and Miroslav Karny.  “Affective Decision-Making in Ultimatum Game: Responder Case”

• Stavros Gerakaris and Subramanian Ramamoorthy.  “Learning Best Response Strategies for Agents in Ad Exchanges”

• Athina Georgara, Thalia Ntiniakou and Georgios Chalkiadakis.  “Learning Hedonic Games via Probabilistic Topic Modeling”

• Lorenzo Bisi, Giuseppe De Nittis, Francesco Trovò, Marcello Restelli and Nicola Gatti.  “Online Follower’s Behaviour Identification in Leadership Games”


Agreement methodologies, rules, and policies – AT- Seminarrom E 

• Athanasios Panaretos, David Corsar and Wamberto Vasconcelos. “Minimality and Simplicity of Rules for the Internet-of-Things”

• Samuel Cauvin, Wamberto Vasconcelos and Nir Oren. “Policies to Regulate Distributed Data Exchange”

• Niicoletta Fornara, Alessia Chiappa and Marco Colombetti. “Using Semantic Web Technologies and Production Rules for Reasoning on Obligations and Permissions Semantic web-Agreements”

• Jeremias Dötterl, Ralf Bruns, Jürgen Dunkel and Sascha Ossowski. ”Stream-Based Perception for Agents on Mobile Devices”

• Juan Afanador, Nir Oren and Muri Baptista. “An Adversarial Algorithm for Delegation”

14:55-15:15 Coffee break
15:15-17:05 Joint Session – Agreement foundations and modelling of reasoning agents
• Alison R. Panisson, Stefan Sarkadi, Peter McBurney, Simon Parsons and Rafael H. Bordini. “On the Formal Semantics of Theory of Mind in Agent Communication”

• Stefan Sarkadi, Alison R. Panisson, Peter McBurney, Simon Parsons and Rafael H. Bordini. “Towards an Approach for Modelling Uncertain Theory of Mind in Multi-Agent Systems”

• Stephen Cranefield, Nir Oren and Wamberto Vasconcelos.  “Accountability for Practical Reasoning Agents”

• Timotheus Kampik, Juan Carlos Nieves and Helena Lindgren.  “Implementing Argumentation-enabled Empathic Agents”

• Konstantia Xenou, Georgios Chalkiadakis and Stergos Afantenos.  “Deep Reinforcement Learning in Strategic Board Game Environments”

19:30 Conference dinner at Bryggeriet Restaurant & Brygghus

December 7

9:00-10:00 Elizabeth Sklar –  Shared Decision Making in Human-Robot Teams
10:00-10:15 Coffee break
10:15-12:05 Joint Session – Applications of agreement technologies and MAS
• Ioannis Gkourtzounis, Emmanouil Rigas and Nick Bassiliades.  “Towards Online Electric Vehicle Scheduling for Mobility-On-Demand Schemes”

• Miguel Ángel Rodríguez-García, Alberto Fernandez and Holger Billhardt. “Dynamic Delivery Plan Adaptation in Open Systems Applied coordination”

• Alberto Fernandez, Holger Billhardt, Sandra Timón, Carlos Ruiz, Óscar Sánchez and Iván Bernabé. “Balancing Strategies for Bike Sharing Systems Coordination application”

• Miguel Teixeira, Zafeiris Kokkinogenis and Pedro d’Orey. “Autonomous vehicles coordination through voting-based decision-making coordination application”

• Marin Lujak and Arnaud Doniec. “On Distributed Real-Time Coordination of Shoppers’ Routes in Smart Hypermarkets coordination application”

12:05-13:25 Lunch
13:25-14:55 Parallel sessions
Logics – EUMAS –   Seminarrom E 

• Truls Pedersen and Sjur Kristoffer Dyrkolbotn “Computing consensus: A logic for reasoning about deliberative processes based on argumentation”

• Riccardo De Masellis, Valentin Goranko, Stefan Gruner and Nils Timm “Generalising the Dining Philosophers problem: competitive dynamic resource allocation in multi-agent systems”

• Martin C. Cooper, Andreas Herzig, Frédéric Maris and Julien Vianey “Temporal Epistemic Gossip Problems”

• Fabio Massimo Zennaro and Magdalena Ivanovska “Counterfactually Fair Prediction Using Multiple Causal Models”


Argumentation and negotiation – AT – main room

• Dave de Jonge, Tim Baarslag, Reyhan Aydogan, Catholijn Jonker, Katsuhide Fujita and Takayuki Ito. “The Challenge of Negotiation in the Game of Diplomacy”

• Dimitrios Tsimpoukis, Tim Baarslag, Michael Kaisers and Nikolaos G. Paterakis. “Automated Negotiations under User Preference Uncertainty: A Linear Programming Approach”

• Kou Kitagawa, Shun Shiramatsu and Akira Kamiya. “Developing a Method for Quantifying Degree of Discussion Progress towards Automatic Facilitation of Web-based Discussion”

• Miguel Rebollo, Carlos Carrascosa and Alberto Palomares. “Distributed Ledger and Robust Consensus for Agreements”

14:55-15:15 Coffee break
15:15-17:05 Joint Session – Coordination and cooperative decision making
• Michail-Angelos Papilaris and Georgios Chalkiadakis. “Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Effective Personalized Recommendations”

• Ashiqur Khudabukhsh and Jaime Carbonell. “Endorsements in Referral Networks”

• Massimo Cossentino, Luca Sabatucci and Salvatore Lopes. “Partial and Full Goal Satisfaction in the MUSA Middleware”

• Rubén Fuentes-Fernández and Jorge Gomez-Sanz. “Interpreting Information in Smart Environments with Social Patterns”

• Miroslav Karny and Zohreh Alizadeh. “Towards Fully Probabilistic Cooperative Decision Making”